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By Bel on 28 Feb 2024

By Jil on 28 Feb 2024

By MA on 23 Feb 2024
Figured I would give Chemistry Salon a try as an offer came up on Groupon and I have been looking for new hairdresser the last 3 years. Kristyn was personable, detail oriented and provided a great cut. Going to try this lighter bob style out until my next scheduled appointment in a month to possibly go shorter. Thank you Kristyn.

By Cher on 16 Feb 2024
Ashley did a great job! She explained everything she was going to do before cutting. Very sweet ❤️

By Dawn on 31 Jan 2024
Kristen did an amazing job color correcting my Hair from a previous stylist . I highly recommend her.

By Patricia on 19 Jan 2024
Kristyn was very good communicator, friendly, great at cutting my hair and did everything I want it to. Very satisfied with my visit today. I will recommend her.

By Kathy on 17 Jan 2024
Great salon for cut or color. Previously had blue color but I knew it was purple because of the remnants of red that remained. Ashlee listened to me and did...

By Angelina on 23 Dec 2023
the sweetest people ever! she did such an amazing job 🫶

By Kenneth on 18 Dec 2023
Kristyn does an excellent job with coloring my hair. She has a super great personality and always listens to what I have to say. Always wants to know if I like it. How did the color last etc. I’m 57 years old and I would say she’s the best hairstylist I’ve been to. Highly recommend!

By Samantha on 18 Dec 2023
Recently moved to Ocala and searched for a salon that represented a hair product I love. Made appt online for a partial highlight and tried to add a haircut but the system wouldn't let me. Got a call that they would like to move my appt, but due to upcoming travel, I wasn't able to move the appt. They agreed to keep the original appt which I told them should include a haircut. Arrived for my appt and met Krysten. We discussed my need for partial highlight and hair cut. She gripped that she didn't have time for the haircut. I was a little miffed and she said, we will see what we can do. She proceeded to do my partial highlight but was taking super little strand amounts (I have thin hair) and had so much tin foil on the top of my head. I thought this was weird but it was still a partial highlight so maybe this was a new way to do highlights? In the rinse and shampoo, she went to grab something and then put it in my hair and then rinsed it out. I asked what it was and she said it was a glaze. I asked what a glaze was for and she gave some vague response that it helps keep the highlight. This is news to me... I have never had a glaze put in my hair and certainly never without advance discussion. She ended up cutting my hair and the time was getting pretty late. She asked if I wanted it blown dry and at this point we are 3 hours in. I said no thanks but would rather wrap up and go. She proceeded to spray this bottled labled "oil oil" into her hands and then she wiped it lightly on the outside of some of my hair. She didn't rub it in, she didn't spray it on... I asked her what that was and she was vague on what it was for... it was such a small amount. As I was standing, Krysten was acting weird, talking to me like I was a child. She started telling me that because my hair was so thick, she had to treat the partial like a full highlight. (note: the bottom half of my hair never saw the inside of a foil) This was never discussed upfront. I don't have thick hair and my thin hair is pretty flat. I walked over to the counter to pay and was pissed that not only was I getting charged for a full highlight but she also charged me $40 for the glaze and $40 for the "oil oil". I paid the bill as that was product used and left a tip for a total bill almost $400 - knowing that this cheating person and salon will never see my business again. Lessons for Chemistry Salon: - always communicate upfront about what you are going to do. You need to obtain agreement before proceeding. - Kysten, don't try to pad your bill by adding products that were not discussed upfront. In my 30+ years of getting a highlight, you get the lowest rating and shame on you! - Chemistry Salon, if you want REAL REVIEWS on your website: you need to enable people to leave honest feedback rather than having them go to an unsecure website to collect information that will be reviewed and decided whether worthy to post on website. There is absolutely no business that is 5 stars 100% of the time. Your current website reviews are considered stuffed with 5 star false reviews.

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